4 thoughts on “Chiquibaby and Jimena Gallego LEGS and THIGH – 10/26/20

  1. Helluva show! Love Chiqui’s legs. First time seeing this Jimena gal, but definitely like what I see. Thanks for the video!!

    1. Hey Paul The Better Stream for Alejandra Was taken off I found another one the quality is worse though, no loss today anyways as they all sucked

      1. BW, they seem to upload most of the show to their Youtube page. They break it off into segments, though. Not sure if you have the ability to download the videos and then edit/trim the segments and then splice it all together. Probably a lot of work. Here is the link to one of the segments from last week where Ale was showing mega leg. The parte 5 segment is usually the best one for each day.


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