7 thoughts on “Best Of Pamela Anderson Baywatch Part 2 – Pictures and Video

  1. Don’t know what type of copyright stuff you would run into but start a youtube channel with news babe vids. I see channels that take all type of material that they had no part of making and put it out there on there own channel. Can’t be anymore work than this site and get paid for it.

    1. Hey Bro. I found his stuff originally at YouTube. They used to give him so much crap. They took down some really good stuff because of BS copyright issues. That’s why Mark brought his site here.

    2. I lost like 3 channels cause of Copyrights, Posting certian things, some people lost there channels to it as well, I Hate Neronp, he posts alot of boring shit his account got closed twice 😛

    3. Also Ace You cant get Paid for it on youtube, I Tried…Stuff that is NOT YOUR OWN MADE STUFF like From hoem ext. you cannot make money from posting videos of channels…..I post a donation thing here thhinking someone will throw me 5 bucks sometimes but not often at all

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