Cynthia Urias, Roxana Castellanos and Ximena Cordoba – 9/5/20

Cynthia Urias and Roxana Castellanos were in the better dresses showing off nice legs but limited in sitting! Ximena Cordoba wore a tight top and skirt but had to have on those too huge damn leg covering boots AGAIN!

Author: babewatcher

8 thoughts on “Cynthia Urias, Roxana Castellanos and Ximena Cordoba – 9/5/20

  1. I was this live yesterday on the mexican live stream and it was really good but univision omitted the kitchen and animal expert segment haha they are pathetic smh

    1. its just like Hoy, if you can find me a good HD stream of the Hoy show too let me know! Hoy sucks on univision, they use the boring segments!

      1. Yea i wish i found an HD stream but the stream I use is not that bad, maybe 720p or 480p. If u want I can email you a recent cap as an example.

  2. Never mind i tried to attach the video file to the email but it’s too big lol the video i want to send is like 350MB and the email max is 25MB so i don’t know what else i can do because im not that tech savy

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